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I am not releasing this e-course until 2017. However I am so excited about this new e-course and the magically creative altered book exercises it is going to cover -- that I'm letting my favorite people know about it wa-a-a-ay ahead of time! 
Tell Your Story, Weave Magic, Add Faerie Dust by Repurposing a Book
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Unleash Your Creative Magic through Altered Books
You've come to this page because you are interested in my upcoming e-course on Altered Books....
Like me, you could be passionate about altered books as a means of creative expression and you want to expand your repertoire. Or you may have seen examples and may be curious about how to get started. Or you're attracted to altered books but you feel just a little bit timid and wondering if you could possibly make something that looks that much fun. 

​All good reasons to take my 5-week e-course Unleash Your Creative Magic through Altered Books! I have taught in person hundreds of people how to alter a book and make it into a piece of art that is a unique expression of their creativity. Now you will have the opportunity to do this for yourself in your own home in your own time.

I'll be adding information to my website as I get closer, so you can revisit my website for details (if you are not on my e-list). Or you can click on the link below to be added to be the first to receive notifications, early bird offers, etc. as I release information. ​