• You are curious about being creative, but you're not sure that you even are.
  • You really yearn to be creative, but you want it to be "easy," not difficult.
  • You would like a way to express yourself visually, but you have little or no art training.
  • You are not sure you even "have it in you" (energy, time, self-discipline) to be creative.
  • You feel that you are creative, but you can't stick to anything for very long.
  • You are tired of just word journaling, just painting, just drawing, just sewing, etc. and want to try something new.
Your Daily Creative Practice e-course grew out of a personal art challenge that I set for myself in 2009. I wondered if I was truly creative, and if I was, why wasn't I creating consistently? I called it my "Daily Journal Page Challenge," and I set a goal of creating one journal page spread a day for a year. I was so thrilled with the results that I continued with my challenge for another 2 1/2 years!
  • A self-study e-course covering 30/31 days 
  • One video a week illustrating different aspects of my journaling process 
  • 5 email prompts a week suggesting daily themes 
  • One PDF per week with photo steps describing different techniques or optional art media to use on your pages
  • 3 bonus videos (1. Supplies 2. Preparing Your Journal 3. Pulling Images & Exploring Categories)
  • All videos and course materials are downloadable and yours to keep forever. 
  • Plus a private Facebook group to share work, ask questions, and get feedback from me
  • Increased creative/artistic self-confidence
  • Establishing a creative discipline
  • Developing your creative eye
  • Identifying aspects of your artistic style
  • Producing a tangible, finished piece of artwork
  • Collage and mixed media techniques to expand        your journaling repertoire
  • A break from your normal artistic regime
  • Inspiration galore and an easy way to have a lot of FUN!

I'm soooo glad you asked! You will create a collage a day for 30/31 days using a small (3.75" x 5.5") hardbound journal from Paperblanks (or similar substitute of the same size)Through weekly videos, PDFs, and email prompts you will be led through a very simple process that will assist you -- easily and with great fun -- in achieving your creative goals and discovery. You cannot fail! What you get:
You don't need to do what I did -- stick with this challenge for 3 1/2 years in order to start reaping the benefits. Over the 31 days of Your Daily Creative Practice I will be sharing with you everything I learned from doing my Daily Journal Page Challenge. By the end of the course you will have acquired all the skills you need to set up a daily practice or art challenge for yourself if that's something you want. This is a self-study e-course, with a private facilitated Facebook group, and the option for private coaching calls from me. The Facebook group will close after a few months, but you'll have access to the course materials for as long as you want. 
Does This Sound Like You?
Why This Course?
If you've come to this page, you've probably had one of these thoughts come to your mind. Maybe you've just experienced a tug, a whisper, a little voice that urges you to play with paint, color, and paper. Or, maybe you just don't know where to begin. I can show you how! Begin with my 31-day, self-study e-course Your Daily Creative Practice: 31 Days of Creating Pocket-Sized Journal Collages to Grow Your Creativity
What Is This Course???
What Are the Benefits?
"This class is amazing! It is original and filled with fresh techniques, inspirational, and nurturing. I love the way Virginia shows up on camera -- it's like I'm in her studio!" -- Peggy Burns
What People Say About This E-Course...
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"Virginia inspired me to sit down at my art table and PLAY! The experience was quite extraordinary. She encouraged a more care-free attitude and sparked my creativity and sense of adventure. She shared materials and resources that provided new tools and fun possibilities."  --Sybil

Virginia Simpson-Magruder owns and operates her art business Kentucky Girl Designs since 2009. She teaches creativity workshops using the mediums of altered books, art journals, and collage at her art studio in the Novato Arts Center in Northern California. Virginia also designs and sells hand-soldered glass jewelry featuring the iconic beauty of wild animals, and crafts custom pendants for people featuring their beloved animal companions. 
The benefits of challenging myself to create art every day were incredible: I gained creative confidence, I expanded my art technique repertoire, I established and maintained a daily creative practice, I leased an art studio, I continue to grow an art business that I love. I would like to share what I learned with you -- I invite you to come join me in Your Daily Creative Practice ecourse!

Last Words...
31 Days of Creating Pocket-Sized Journal Collages to Grow Your Creativity
Virginia Simpson-Magruder, owner of Kentucky Girl Designs
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E-Course Info
You are my inspiration...and I love doing my pages. I find myself going to make a page spread when I want to avoid something hard...hmmm...sort of like an addiction,, eh? But I learn so much from doing this little simple exercise. Your e-course is a gem! -- Susan Miller